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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect my tarot reading to be like?

I begin each reading by connecting with your guides, my guides, and your higher self. I then ask you for your question or topic of interest for your reading. We look at your cards together. One by one I receive messages for each of your 3 (or more if Spirit decides on it) cards by holding each card to my heart individually. While doing so, I receive the messages with multiple senses. Once I have done the initial reading, I can answer specific questions about the information I received, or continue on to another question. I close the reading as I open it, by thanking your guides, my guides, and your higher self.

What is the difference between tarot readings and mediumship?

Tarot readings are different from a reading with mediumship in that I'm not mainly connecting to those who have passed on. I connect to beings who are in the Light, some of whom are loved ones who are passed on. I connect in order to give more accurate messages dealing with the tarot cards that were chosen. Guides can be angels, ancestors, deities, and even animals! In mediumship, I mainly communicate with your loved ones who have passed on. I hope that clears things up!

Do you offer any other services?

I am mainly focusing on mediumship, tarot, dreams, and coaching. I have practiced Akashic Records readings and plan on eventually offering those. Stay tuned for future services!

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