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  • novapsychic22

You are loved!

You are loved! Spirit has been reminding me of this a lot lately, so I wanted to share the love. Lately I almost feel like a spiritual celebrity 😎- there are so many spirit beings who have come into my awareness to potentially work with. I love that so many of them want to help me and my clients. 🥰 So much help is available to us if you ask. It's beautiful and I'm so grateful!! 💖

In my shadow work around this, I am realizing that there's part of me that doesn't believe I'm worthy of all that love. I just feel like I'm little ol Felicia. Who am I to receive support of such incredible beings? But I am an incredible being too! There is no hierarchy because we are all Source! ✨

So remember today and always, we are loved by so many beings, seen and unseen! ❤️‍🔥



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