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  • novapsychic22

Intuitive Art

This was a quick scribbly piece that I did to satisfy an urge to express myself through art. I received an intuitive hit to draw something I love about myself. After repeating that prompt to myself, I remembered a time when I lived in Colorado that I was going for a walk around the neighborhood. I could see a storm coming over the foothills and the sky was half dark, half sun-shiny and bright. I thought to myself then about how I can see the beauty in the dark and the light, and that I love that about myself. So that's what I drew.

It's giving High Priestess vibes. ✨💙🤍

This ability to see the beauty in the light and dark allows me to hold space for the big life events, the difficult and the celebratory. In working with me through a reading or coaching session, know that I am here to support you through all your light and darkness.




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