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Angel Number 222

I've had a special connection with 22, 222, 220, 212, and other various forms of 2s for my whole life. I specifically remember in 4th grade noticing that I had been 22nd standing in line for more than one grade. I decided then that it was my favorite number. In high school, I would play a mental game (and I often still do) of adding up the numbers on a digital clock. I would continuously see 9:49 or other times that added up to 22. It was so comforting. I knew God (Creator, the Universe, Spirit, etc.) was showing me "symbolism in real life" (as I called it in 8th grade when we learned about symbolism in reading class).

"Harmony" and "balance" are some of the meanings for 222, but for me, it has always meant that I'm in the right place at the right time, that I'm on the path for my highest good. Seeing 222 (and the like) has taught me to trust in myself and Spirit and has lead me to where I am today as a Psychic Medium, Tarot Card Reader, Dream Interpreter, and Spiritual Life Coach.

If you also align with 22, 222, etc., we may be aligned to work together! Book a reading or coaching session with me. I look forward to connecting.



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