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New Years Dreaming

I don’t want to look over the past year. All year I’ve been working on moving forward from the past. I want to focus on the present. I want to joyfully dream of the future, creating it in each present moment.

In the present, I am sleepy, but content, which is basically my default state lately. Lol!

I am watching the sun rise outside my window, and next to my window is my altar, upon which my two succulents sit (Emma and Zeb, because of course I name them!). I love my plants. I love Mother Earth, whom they come from, along with the many (many) crystals on my altar and in various places throughout my room. I notice goddess Isis’s wings and I feel like I have been flying, as I often do in my dreams.

It’s remarkable how content I feel. I have taken a few big steps in my healing journey recently. I’m always making those big leaps, knowing that it is for my highest good and what is best if I want to keep having these moments of contentment, and even, dare I say? Joy.

I have two tarot decks, an oracle deck, and some healing books to my right. I have started reading again! FINALLY! I am still not quite devouring books as I did in my childhood, but I am enjoying learning. I think it’s nice to slowly digest the information I take in, to fully integrate the lessons. Though I also understand needing to rush through fiction because its intrigue takes your breath away.

To my left I have even more oracle decks (there’s a theme here…). My favorites are goddess Isis (another theme…) and Kali. I used to be scared of Kali’s power. I would have never imagined as a child that I would embrace these two powerful goddesses and ask them to guide and protect me. This makes me chuckle.

Surrounded by pink walls, cozied up in pink blankets and pillows, with a pink aura and heart, I am embracing the calm of birds singing as the world awakens to the last day of the year 2023.

I am dreaming of a future with even more peace, calm, contentment, and joy. I am pleased to say I am helping to create that future by working on myself and helping others through the loving guidance of the spirits all around us. I love my thoughtfulness. I love myself. I mean that much more this year than last year, and the year before that I would have never even said those words. So much growth.

My life is not without its down moments (understatement?), but it is mine and it is perfect for me. I like it. I think I’ll keep it. 😉

I hope everyone enjoys their celebrations today/tonight. May you be filled with love and happiness in all your present moments. 💖



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