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Message for the Collective this Virgo Season

Who wants to work with us the Virgo season/who has a message for us?

(Card from Mythic Oracle by Carisa Mellado, Artwork by Michele-Lee Phelan)

Pan/Nature: This is the perfect card for this Earth sign. He is literally stopping to smell the roses. Take your time, slow down, and enjoy the beauty of nature in your life. As we fade out of summer and into the very beginnings of fall, we must linger in these beautiful outdoorsy moments. Nature releases tension, so even if you are only able to make it outside for 15 minutes, fit it into your day for as many days as possible. This card is also about expressing the wild and free part of yourself, so allow yourself some fun while you are out in nature! Sing, dance, play music, forget about what others may think and immerse yourself into what brings you bliss. When you get caught up on in everyday routine, you lose that untamed connection to yourself. So, get lost in nature and find yourself!

Other messages for this season:

(Cards from Triple Goddess Tarot by Jaymi Elford, Artwork by Franco Rivolli - please excuse the flash!)

Ten of Pentacles: This is another Earthy card. She is wrapping presents to give to you at this time. Good things are coming your way. Prepare for this by removing what is no longer serving you: old habits that are part of self-sabotaging, old relationships that are draining your energy, old limiting beliefs about yourself.

That brings me to...

Justice: In this instance, I can feel this card is speaking to us about Truth and Justice. Things are coming to light that have been held down in the darkness for so very long. Justice will be served to those who have been doing great wrongs in our lives. Justice wants us to also use our discernment, our intuition, about what is really happening in the world. Look inside yourself by taking deep breaths and centering. Listen to what your heart is telling you. That little voice inside holds the wisdom of the cosmos. Listen to it.

The Empress: This deck's Empress is also very Earthy! (I sense a theme...) She wants us to share our gifts on this Earth through our creativity and our passions. Tying up our reading nicely with a mixture of Justice and Pan, The Empress reminds us the we know the Truth, and nature helps us to center in our Truth. The Empress basks in the glow of the sunlight, as we all must do to enjoy our days and come back to ourselves. Stand in your Divine intuitive power. Be yourself, and most of all, Love.

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me.



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