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Message for the Collective this Scorpio Season

(Cards from The Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell, artwork by Katie Louise)

What messages do you (Beings of Light) have for the Collective?

1. The Wild Rose - Live as your most authentic self. Every one of us in unique in our own way and brings something to this world, this Universe, that no one else can. In order to be truly free, you must remember who you are and the magic that you can bring. Your unique gifts are so needed right now, especially in these tumultuous times.

2. Held - As previously mentioned, the world can be a very scary place right now, and it can feel overwhelming tapping into that energy. Remember the unseen help, our guides and loved ones on the other side, holding us in their love when you call upon them to. Due to Free Will, they cannot intervene unless we ask, so ask. You can also ask them to send healing to parts of the world and people who need it most. Do not underestimate the power of Spirit and Mother Earth. Also, tap into the Earth at this time. Mother Earth holds us every day, everywhere we go, and she loves to help us. So ask for her love and send her yours. Create that beautiful symbiotic relationship.

3. The Bloom - This is the time of year to reap what one has sown throughout the year. By creating that relationship with Mother Earth and others, we are helping ourselves to manifest our desires. Now is the time to harvest, and to celebrate. This card comes perfectly timed with all of the upcoming holidays. Spend those holidays knowing that your creations are blooming. Despite the struggles, you are here, and that is an amazing accomplishment.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me.



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