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Message for the Collective this Libra Season

Who has a message for us for this Libra Season?

(Cards from Keepers of the Light Oracle by Kyle Gray, Artwork by Lily Moses)

Master Buddha - Increased Awareness:

Clear and work on your crown chakra to be able to download messages from Spirit and integrate them with your own being. Get your head and heart in alignment by listening to your inner voice. Notice where your inner voice is coming from, how it feels in your body. Work with this feeling and trust it, to practice trusting your own voice.

Block out the noise of the world and acutely focus on on what is inside you; there lies the biggest value. Shut off the TV, news, and phone. Focus inside yourself. Get to know you and who you truly are.

Goddess Isis - Magic Manifesting:

Put your hands up to the sky and accept the abundance raining down on you. There is so much wealth and love for you to accept and receive. Bask in this and all that you desire. Embrace all sides of you: Light and Shadow, masculine and feminine. They are coming together, merging, to create your highest calling. Keep following your path. You are doing so well. You have to face your fears to find your Light, and magic will come to you and help you through.

We love you.

How can we work our Light this Libra Season?

(Card from Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell, Artwork by Danielle Noel)

The Great Gathering - The stars are aligning. Great Beings of Light are here to guide and help us. We are also Great Beings of Light, when we remember who we truly are.

We are transmuting our old relationships that no longer work for us, and allowing in new relationships that align with our soul. You may feel like you are alone in the desert, but your soul group is coming to help you, from here on Earth and from the Ether.

You are so loved. Do not give up getting through your stuggles. Listen to your connection and know, you are manifesting magic. Connect with the crown chakra often to bring in that soul family love.

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me.



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