Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect my reading to be like?

I begin each reading by connecting with your guides, my guides, and your higher self. I then ask you for your question or topic of interest for your reading. After shuffling and before looking at the cards, I ask Spirit to guide me to an overall message from your cards. We look at your cards together. One by one I receive messages for each of your 3 (or more if Spirit decides on it) cards. To bring in another level of clarity for your readings, I may consult the book that comes with my deck. This is tied in to what Spirit shows and tells me, so that you may receive the most specific and accurate information possible. I close the reading as I open it, by thanking your guides, my guides, and your higher self.

How long does each reading session take?

Each session varies according to Spirit, but they roughly last 20-30 minutes. 

Can you do readings over the phone?

At this time I am not offering readings over the phone.